Discrimination in Police Service

Kenya’s Policemen ares facing massive pay cut especially for the policemen who have acquired disability while in service. The latest information reaching us say that policemen with disability are taking home something close to -200 shillings from their payslip.The policeman service Commission’s Chief Executive Officer Joseph Onyango has written to the said that “The Commission has received reports that the salaries and terms of services for some officers have been varied on the basis that they have either acquired additional certificates (degrees) or that their status have changed due to disability thus categorized as people with disabilities (PWDs).”

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under the new payment structure policemen with disability, National Police Service Commission has also directed that the special allowances paid by graduate Constables be scrapped off.The adjustments, which have mainly affected graduate police officers and those disabled in the line of duty, were effected this month despite a court order directing the government not to implement the reviews by the NPSC. Only those who have served for 12 years are eligible for terminal benefits. Reports from the police headquarters indicate that the salaries section has already started implementing the directive Police officers with disabilities will not be exempted from paying taxes beginning the month of March. The National Police Service Commission (NPSC) has also directed that the special allowance paid to graduate Police Constables be scrapped off. in Kenya, the law exempts the disabled from paying taxes for monthly earnings of KSh150,000 and below. but the policemen body want to load it over the policemen with disability

Beware, this move of Discrimination of Police especially those living with disability should be resisted by any means possible

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