Disability Mainstreaming

Disability mainstreaming is the process of integrating issues and people into ‘mainstream’ society and development programmes

The following support services are available; in the University of Nairobi

1. Advocacy and /or advice on issues related to disability
2. Suitable accommodation for students with disability.
3. Provision of disability aids such as hearing aids,
4. Repair and maintenance of mobility, visual and auditory aids
5. Sign language training and interpreter services for the hearing impaired
6. Braille services and printed material in alternative formats for the visually impaired
7. Consultative and counselling support for students with disabilities
8. Transport within and outside of the University for students with physical disabilities.
9. Our mission is to provide an enabling environment for students with disabilities so that they can successfully complete their studies and become productive members of the society.

Disability Mainstreaming Activities

Provision of ramps for ease of access to class rooms, hostels and offices
Disability Mainstreaming, Disability AInstitutions in Kenya Disability Mainstreaming,Disability institutions in KenyaDisability Mainstreaming,Disability institutions in Kenya Disability Mainstreaming,Disability institutions in Kenya
Reserved parking areas for persons with disabilities
Disability Mainstreaming,Disability institutions in Kenya

Free laundry services for students with disabilities. The University offers free laundry services for students with disabilities as this simple task may be a challenge to some students and therefore cannot be taken for granted.

Disability Mainstreaming,Disability institutions in Kenya

The Directorate of Disability Services (DODS) was established in 2010 after a successful inaugural Disability Day marked on 26th of February 2010. It began as Kenyatta University Disability Services Office (KUDSO) before being upgraded to a Directorate in 2012

Vision: To Mainstream Disability in all operations of the university.

Mission: To ensure the full and effective participation of students and staff with disabilities through formulation and implementation of Disability Policies as well as provision of Disability friendly services.

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