Beyond Disability in Kenya 2017

Beyond Disability is that moment when someone conquer different disability to overcome someone of value in the society. Many example are given of such people but today, i would like to mention Goldalyn Kadiya Kenya top student in Kenya Certificate of Primary Education. Goldalyn has overcome her disability of living with albinism to become a top performer in the national examination.

Goldalyn Kadiya, Beyond Disability, KCPE 2017,

Problem With AlbinismGoldalyn Kadiya, Beyond Disability, KCPE 2017The problem with been an albino is that your eye sight is always affected. albinism, a congenital disorder in humans characterized by the complete or partial absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes.  she had to seat in the front seat in the class and in some cases copy from her neighbor what was written on the board due to the lack of good eyesight. in Kenya, when you are an Albino the society doe not take you seriously and in most cases, they sell you for parts in Tanzania since the y believe that you he medicinal value.

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All this compounded by the fact that Goldalyn Kadiya came fro  rural school in western Kenya, no one expected such child to perform well. The sheer determination of this girl made her get 455 out of the possible 500 marks beating over 993, 718  other pupils that sat for the exams. Her marks surpassed that of the best student last year 2016. She is now a model of ll of us

Goldalyn Kadiya, High School Selection, Beyond Disability
Goldalyn Kadiya With the President of KEnya

She did not choose to look at her disability but have lived beyond Disability and now She is the talk of the town in Kenya. Goldalyn Kadiya has talked  to counties assemblies, met the President , attended the inauguration of the president and Many other paces, All in one month. As she moves to Kenya High School from Next yer Albinism society has decided to support her education, she will study without any problem.

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