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Here are 11 top Blogs on Disability

1. Disability blogs

the first on is Disability thinking

Disability Thinking was created by Andrew as a platform to share disability-related news. A fantastic platform for disabled people and carers alike, you can find posts on topics such as identity and culture, to politics and life with a disability. Additionally, Andrew publishes a weekly Disability Blogger Link-Up, where people can post their favourite piece of writing about disability for others to read, allowing people to network.

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2. PurpleSpace

PurpleSpace is the world’s only networking and professional development hub for disabled employees, network and resource group leaders and allies from all sectors and trades.” A fantastic resource for disabled people and their carers, Purple Space is a small business that aims to build confidence for those with a disability in the working environment whilst offering support.

3. EvenBreak

“I started the blog for two reasons really – to encourage employers to use best inclusive practice in recruiting and employing disabled people, and to help disabled people thrive in the world of work”, says Jane, the Director of Evenbreak. The not-for-profit organisation was formed to help disabled jobseekers discover inclusive employees, as well as to promote the business benefits of hiring disabled people. “I think blogging is a great way to share useful content in an accessible and informal way, engaging people with an interest in the subject matter.”

4. Scope

Disability equality charity, Scope, strives to “achieve a society where all disabled people enjoy equality and fairness.” This is the perfect platform for carers and disabled people to check out, as it offers both practical advice and emotional support for those who have been diagnosed with a condition. What’s more is that there is an online community where you can talk to others who are going through similar things.

5: Euan’s Guide

“Our blog, Euan’s Guide, began after our charity’s co-founder, Euan MacDonald, launched the disabled access review website Euan’s Guide. We wanted to share the stories and experiences of the thousands of disabled people who review places they’ve visited on our site, and a blog gave us a space to curate their best bits.”

“What makes the Euan’s Guide blog so interesting is that it’s made up of real stories from disabled people right now. If we notice lots of interesting reviews for accessible museums coming in, we’ll write a blog about unusual museums with wheelchair access, or museums that have Early Bird Openings, excellent touch tours or anything else that our readers will love. That’s why the next story to appear on our blog always has an element of surprise!”

6. Special Needs Jungle

The Special Needs Jungle was set up by parents to inform others about special education needs, disability, health conditions and rare diseases. With easy to follow articles and resources, it allows parents to develop an understanding of their child’s conditions, whilst the website aims “to inform, educate and empower families to self-advocate confidently, so their children get the help they need to live the best life they can.”

7. Disabled World

Disabled World offers information on a range of different disabilities, in addition to guidance for seniors, “assistive device reviews, and articles on everything from helpful tips to disability sports articles.”. Independently run, it reports daily on news surrounding disability topics, with its information coming from volunteers.

8. Disability United

The aim of Disability United is to improve legislation surrounding disabled people so that they can live without restrictions in a world of equality. “The right care, the right equipment, the right information, and an accessible environment are key, but for too many people, these essentials are denied.” On the website, disabled people and their carers can find resources on campaigns and marches that are taking place which is extremely helpful.

9. When They Get Older

“At When They Get Older we’re about people. It can be a tremendous shock to discover that you’ve become the prime support for an older relative or friend and knowing which way to turn can be a nightmare. That’s where we aim to help. Because we’ve been there ourselves, we understand the stresses of helping seniors to get the care they need and continue to achieve a good quality of life.”

10. Disability Horizons

Disability Horizons was founded in 2011. Created by two friends, Martyn and Srin, the website is an invaluable resource for disabled people and carers, as you can find a wealth of information, from employment and entertainment to lifestyle and relationships. The community element allows others to connect, whilst the banks of information on a variety of different topics are great for those looking for more information or particular products.

11. A Different Kind of Vision

“I started my blog, A Different Kind of Vision because I realized there wasn’t a lot of resources for teaching the Expanded Core Curriculum for students with vision impairments. The Expanded Core is a disability-specific curriculum that targets the unique needs of students with vision impairments. I wanted to show teachers ideas, resources, examples of how to teach the ECC for students of all abilities and vision loss.”

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